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The Notre-Dame-de-Montréal basilica

the basilica I

the basilica II

La rue de la Commune

rue de la Commune

Location of first Sulpician seminary, at 147 Saint-Paul street West, near the corner of Saint-Sulpice street

location of first seminary

location of first seminary

In the 1666 census, Nicolas Perrot is working for Marie Pournin ("the widow Testard"). The concession of merchant Jacques Testard was located between 137 and 143 Saint-Paul street West, near the first Sulpician seminary. These days, the "Le Saint-Sulpice" hotel occupies this location.

In the 1667 census, Nicolas is listed as a servant of the Sulpicians. The original building, as well as much of the surrounding area, was destroyed by fire in 1852. The edifice you see at the back of the alley occupies the same space and is oriented the same way as the old seminary.

The basilica
from the back

the basilica, from the back

The Saint-Gabriel inn

Saint-Gabriel inn I

Saint-Gabriel inn II

Saint-Gabriel inn III

Corner of Saint-Paul West and Saint-Sulpice streets

corner of Saint-Paul West and Saint-Sulpice streets

All photos by André Clément Perreault 2007-2008