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Welcome to the image gallery. For the moment, we only have a few images, so it's not a very impressive gallery. We're still experimenting with the delivery system, so we can only show you a sample of things to come.

As people send in more photos, we will attempt to put them up, all the while refining our method. Most of the pics, as you will see, are presented using an adaptation of Nathan Smith's "hoverbox" technique. If this sort of thing interests you, check out the tutorial. To see the photos, click on the description. >What you will see is a montage; move your cursor around and watch what happens. When you're tired of playing with it (you'll see what i mean), you can use the reduced navigation menu at the bottom of the page.

Happy viewing.

boarding the buses

The 2011 get-together in Victoriaville

photos series 1 series 2 Jean-Pierre Perreault

Perreault family

Sept 2009 get-together of descendants in St-Ambroise-de-Kildare, QC

photos Jean-Pierre Perreault

Nicolas Perrot and Madeleine Raclos

Sept 2008 get-together of descendants in Becancour, QC

1. photos - Chantal Perreault

2. photos - Jean-Pierre Perreault

Sept 2007, Montreal

Sept 2007 get-together of descendants in Montreal, QC

1. the area - photos André Clément Perreault

2. at the chapel and at the Saint-Gabriel inn: series 1 series 2 - photos Michel Perreault

Saint Sulpice church

Sept 2006 get-together in Saint Sulpice - photos Jean-Pierre Perreault

Trempeleau mountain, Perrot State Park

Louis-Philippe Perreault and family in Perrot State Park, Wisconsin, 2005

Darcey church

John & Hwan Ja Perreault's trip to Darcey, Cote d'Or, Burgundy, France, in 2004

And a very special thanks to John and Hwan Ja for providing the test material !