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Therese Perrault DeGuire and Yann Perreau - photo Michel Perreault

In 2007, Thérèse Perrault DeGuire, artist and poet, had penned a hymn to the memory of our ancestor, Nicolas Perrot. This poem was recited during the 2007 get-together by Yann Perreau.

In 2008, Thérèse and her collaborators, Sylvie Boudreau, pianist, and Manon Vincent, author-singer-songwriter, put the finishing touches on a project that has long been close to her heart. Manon adapts a few of the stanzas of the poem while retaining the essence of the wording and Sylvie adds an arrangement for them. Here is the result.

For more information, or to obtain a copy of the CD, please contact me (Andrè Clément Perreault) at 819-663-1694.

label of the Metaminens CD

Here are a few lines of the original poem. The complete text has previously been published in the Le Messager newsletter
(vol 2, no 1, pg 3, french / english).

Le vent me souffle une chanson
Au doux murmure de l’Aquilon
Venue d’ici, venue d’ailleurs,
Venue des bois, venue du coeur,
Comme la source, elle a jailli
Au bord du coeur, au bord du coeur.
Métaminen, Métaminen, Métaminen.

Du Saint-Laurent au Wisconsin
Par les rivières contre courant
Grand voyageur, tu nous reviens
À travers bois, à travers champs,
La paix tu sèmes, à tous les vents ...

For an English translation of the song, click here.

text of the song Metaminens