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Metaminens - La vie et l'époque valeureuses de Nicolas Perrot
novel (French only), Les Éditions du Vermillon, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2007,
160 p.; ISBN 978-1-897058-58-9, about 14 $ Cdn

cover page of the book by Yves Breton

Although marketed as a novel, it would seem there is no diaglogue in this "novel". In L'Express, a francophone weekly in Toronto, Ontario, for the week of Jan 8, 2008, Paul-François Sylvestre had the following comments. « It is rather a biographical tale narrated by Julien de L’Anse (a fictitious character ?), son of a French colonist. He has taken it into his head to recount the adventures of Legs of Iron… [Metaminens] with the help of a notary, Régis Bidal.»

« Yves Breton clearly brings out that Nicolas Perrot was a precious asset to the colony due to the influence he had acquired. ....He in fact played the role of an ambassador emeritus without having been given that title.»

The author « ....enjoys peppering his novel (tale?) with historical anecdotes. He takes great pleasure, for example, in describing the earthquake which shook the colony at 5:30pm on February 5th, 1663..... The author's research is of a high standard.»

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[article translated by André Clément Perreault]