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For many years, little was known about Nicolas Perrot. His marriage contract, put before Guillaume Larue, notary in Champlain, on November 11, 1671, having disappeared, at least allows us to suppose that the marriage took place on that day or shortly thereafter in Champlain.

However, in the 1st volume of Tanguay and annotated by Mgr Amédée Gosselin, one-time rector of Laval University, we find :

Nicolas Perrot, son of François and of Marie Sivot of Davry, diocese of Autun, with Madeleine Raclos, daughter of S(ieu)r Bon and of Marie Viennot.

Côte d'Or department, Burgundy - graphic : Andre Clement Perreault

But where to find Davry? Research was fruitless until the discovery of a request made by a soldier of the Berry regiment, named Pierre Perrot, to obtain leave to marry in Quebec City. He came from Darcey, in the diocese of Autun. Finding this document would put us on the trail which led us to Darcey, in Côte-d'Or, in Burgundy.

As indeed the Côte-d'Or archivist would confirm, in march 1956 :

If the study of the parish registers of Darcey, from 1639 up to 1664, has thus far allowed us to retrace the parents of Nicolas Perrot, and to make note of the birth of a certain number of their children, it has not permitted us to discover the baptismal certificate of the person you are interested in.

François Perrot, father of Nicolas Perrot, was lieutenant of justice (justice of the peace) of the barony of Darcey and had wed Marie Sirot (Sivot). From 1651, when he is first noted in the Darcey registers and up to 1664, we have transcribed the baptisms of the following children :

Darcey church - photo: John Perreault

April 2, 1651 - Jean Perrot
April 25, 1655 - Mathias Perrot
February 24, 1658 - Anne Perrot
July 13, 1664 - François Perrot

[...] It would seem to me more probable, given the late apparition of this family in this locality, that they had hitherto settled in another parish where Nicolas Perrot would have been born.

Benjamin Sulte stated in his Mélanges historiques : « Nothing tells us what part of France Nicolas Perrot came from ». We now know that he came from Darcey, in Burgundy.

text by Claude Perreault, from newsletter Le Messager, volume 1, number 1, August 2006